Sinkfix PROFI, 20-pcs.

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3-4 Tage
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Case version :
plastic case standard 20
  ArtNr.: 30120
SORTIMO-L-Boxx102 20
  ArtNr.: 30121
Measurements: 440 x 370 x 117 mm Item No. 30121 EAN: 4260328450833
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  • 20 combinable special tools for the sanitary final assembly.
  • All important special tools in a concise and compact arrangement system.


Many opportunities in a complete set with additional special tools for various usage consisting of:

[ 1 ] 1/2" Flexible handle
Drive tool to take up included special tools with 1/2" female square.

[ 2 ] Stud screwdriver, 1/2"- female square, M8
For fast turn in and out of 8 mm / M8 stud screws without lock with a locknut.

[ 3 ] Stud screwdriver, 1/2"- female square, M10
For fast turn in and out of 10 mm / M10 stud screws without lock with a locknut.

[ 4 ] Special- Bit- Adapter, magnetic, 1/4"- hex head- shank
For machine use of Stud screwdriver, 1/2"- female square, M8 and M10.

[ 5 ] S- Connection- Mounting tool 3/4", 1/2"- female square
Special Socket for installing and removing S-connections with 3/4"- thread.

[ 6 ] Ventilfix, Tool for drain valves 1.1/4‘‘, 1/2‘‘-female square
Gentle tapware siphon-tool for damage- free counterbalance of drain valves.

[ 7 ] Angle valve screw- in- assistance, 1/2"- female square
For gentle mounting of angle valves, also suitable for very narrow places.

[ 8 ] Key for mixer taps, extra long
Extremly slim special socket key in the sizes A/F 9, A/F 10, A/F 11, A/F 12 and A/F 13
to mount the securing screw of fittings.

[ 9 ] Tap extension- Bit, 1/2"- female square, A/F 12
For screwing in and unscrewing 1/2 "- tap extensions

[ 10 ] Tap extension milling cutter 1/2", SDS- shank
For flush trimming of produting 1/2"- tap extensions.

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