Sinkfix, 10-pcs.

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  • Extended special tool set for sanitary final assembly.
  • Ideal for assembly work, suitable for construction site in plastic case with foam insert.
  • Application-optimized compilation with Normfix- assembly template and Combi- Angle valve screw- in- assistance.


Combinable Tool set for the sanitary final disassembly and assembly, consisting of:










Universal stud screw key drive tool M8/M10
Drive tool for installing and removing of stud screws M8 (8 mm ) and M10 (10 mm), as well as to connecting of all 10 mm hex head accessories tools with plug clamping effect.



Ventilfix, Tool for drain valves
Fittings gentle siphon tool for a damage-free counterbalance of drain valves.




Combi- Angle valve screw- in- assistance with 10 mm hex head drive
For gentle mounting of Combi- angle valves, also suitable for very narrow places.




S- Connection- Mounting tool 3/4"
Special Socket for installing and removing S-connections with 3/4 "- thread.











Key for mixer taps, extra long
Extremly slim special socket key in the sizes A/F 9, A/F 10, A/F 11, A/F 12 and A/F 13 to mount the securing screw of fittings.


Normfix- assembly template
for fast alignment of the S- Connections of standard wall fittings in conjunction with Sinkfix- S- Connection mounting tool (Item No. 10003).

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